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Students meet with their teachers each week using the Zoom app. This is a free program you can download using your computer, tablet or smartphone.


Teachers demonstrate skills and songs with high quality cameras and audio equipment so it feels like they are right in the room with you!  

Check out our student photo gallery HERE!


Students have the opportunity to participate in live and

pre-recorded recitals.

Types of Recitals Offered:

1. Zoom recitals - Students log in and play for a live audience which gives that "concert hall" feel for the performer.

2. Pre-recorded recitals - Students are welcome to submit a pre-recorded video of their piece/song. These recitals are great for beginners or students working on improving their performing skills as it is less pressure than a traditional recital. 

Check out some our pre-recorded recitals HERE!

YOUTUBE Beginner Piano Lessons_edited.jpg

In addition to private lessons, Canada Music Lessons offers YouTube tutorials and lessons free of charge on our YouTube Channel. 

Interested in Classical Piano Lessons? Check out our 16 part series "Piano Lessons for Beginners" HERE!

Interested in Chording/Gospel Piano Lessons? Check out our weekly live lessons HERE!


Ready to start? You have nothing to lose.

Sign up is easy and parent-friendly, with helpful staff in the office six days a week to serve you. Because we only offer lessons on a month-to-month basis, there are no large upfront payments, no complicated contracts, no annual material or performance fees, and no semester minimums.

Lessons are first come, first serve, so contact us today to arrange your first lesson!


$31.25/ 30 minutes

Lessons are available five days a week, and scheduled once a week. 

A one-time registration fee is $25 (due only at time of registration)

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