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My kids 9 and 11 love their online piano lessons. Ms. Chris is an amazing teacher and has a lot of patience. My kids went from zero to performing complete peices in less than a year. I have seen them grow their love for music and my oldest is now pursuing Royal Conservatory materials and improving more and more everyday. Lesson are conveniently online and tailored to each individual progress. They have online in class concerts and live/recorded recital performances a few times per year. Oh and the kids also enjoy the games at the end of each class.

Adriana Sanandres ~ Alberta, Canada

We are so happy to be part of Canada Music Lessons. Our son and daughter are both taking Piano lessons and they LOVE it. The lessons are amazing and suitable for their levels. They are excited every week for their lessons and sometimes will remind us of their lessons. Christine, Sam and Peter have been awesome teachers!

Francisca Kumah ~ Ontario, Canada

Wow, where do I even begin? Our experience with Canada Music Lessons studio has been amazing. My daughter has been taking classes for the past three years, and we couldn't be happier with the progress she has made in her musical abilities.Christine is an incredibly talented teacher, and she has a way of making each lesson feel personalized and engaging for her students.


My daughter looks forward to her piano lessons with Christine every week, and it's wonderful to see her develop a love and appreciation for music.


Even better, the studio offers two recitals each year, which has been such an excellent opportunity for my daughter to showcase her skills and gain confidence in her abilities. It's so rewarding to see her hard work pay off!


The workshops and games offered by the studio are also a fun and unique way for the students to explore different music styles and learn new techniques.


If you're looking for skilled, caring, and passionate music teachers who can help your child develop a love for music and improve their skills, look no further than Canada Music Lessons piano studio. We can't recommend them enough. 

Saoussane Boutarta ~ Ontario, Canada

London Bridge is Falling Down After I Chewed Around

Performed by Aarav Pratap

This has been such a rewarding experience.  In the short time I took lessons, I learned so much.  I recommend this site to anyone who is looking for  pleasant, personal and knowledgeable music lessons.

Linda Penton ~ Washington, U.S.A

I have learn a LOT in three months. Canada Music Lessons has helped me gain new insights in sightreading for guitar and piano. Best school for music lessons in Canada!

Mildred Pika-Aloina~ Florida, U.S.A.

Been trying to learn to play keyboard on my own for a long time but got stuck with nowhere to turn. Somehow I discovered this site and I'm back to learning again. I'm very excited and love each lesson. Thank you Christine and Canadian Music Lessons!

Rhonda Stanton ~ U.S.A.

This is the best piano class for beginners like myself. I like the way she teaches and explains. The pace is great for learning and understanding. The songs are relatable. I highly recommend this course if you want to learn piano and music

James Woodley~ North Carolina, U.S.A.

Sweet Mister Jelly Roll - Performed by Syrine Asenkl

Would highly recommend Canada Music Lessons to anyone you has some taste for Music. Both my kids started with piano classes over a year ago during the summer holidays and still love it. It helped them with their concentration and being more focused. Over time they learnt new skills, that would surprise me as well. Wonderful staff and very well organized programs. Christine is amazing and knows exactly at what level your child is and teaching them accordingly. And plus all the fun stuff they do to keep kids motivated like the weekly games, workshops, recitals just to name a few. They are amazing.

Sharan Jandu ~ Ontario, Canada

Started classes with Christine during the last summer break. We were soo happy that we continued after and still continue. My son loves her and her classes.

Namrata Sood ~ Ontario, Canada

This is exactly what i had been looking for but could never find until i came upon this page. These lessons were definitely meant for me and arguably the best Piano teacher i'll ever learn from.

Denver Kay ~  Entumbane, Zimbabwe

I saw an ad on Facebook about a summer camp for kids in 2021... Now my 6 year old daughter is a regular student of the class which am so happy and proud about. While joining her to summer camp I thought it just for a summer fun but she enjoyed it a lot and we decided to sign her up for the regular classes. After 6 months the improvements she had in piano learning is amazing and I'm very proud to say that after 6 months my 6year old daughter composed her own song!

Krishna Thulasi ~ Ontario, Canada

Rondo in C Major - Performed by Elysha Chevigny

[Elysha was accepted into the University of Alberta]

I am a novice at the piano in my sixties and found the Beginner Piano Series. It's fantastic. Well paced and elementary enough for anyone to understand. Encouraging too! I highly recommend the free series on social media.

David Pence ~ Kentucky, U. S. A 

Canada Music Lessons has really helped both my kids with their confidence and stage fright . This is the only extra curriculum active they do and it made a difference in their social life and connection to the outside world since the lack down . It was a life saver then and now. My kids look forward to lessons ever week. ...This piano lessons is worth every investment dollar you could spend on your child . The monthly workshops and game nights are a bonus and help the kids to connect to other children . The recitals are extremely enjoyable to see the progress of the students. Even mom and dads gets to join in on the fun, free of cost. ...So win, win all around . I highly recommend this school. It will change your family out look on life . Your child would feel good about their accomplishments .

Charmaine Clarke~ Ontario, Canada

My son is enrolled in drum lessons and he absolutely loves it! He is progressing at a good pace for only 7 years old. The lessons being online are such a time saver and a huge help to our overall schedule. I have already helped other friends of mine to sign up and I would encourage you to sign up as well.

Branden O'Donnell ~  Alberta, Canada

My boy had no clue on how to play the piano when he started, but within a few weeks he started, he's learnt all the keys and can play quite well. [Our teacher] does amazing with the kids. 

Ugonma Uchenwa~ Ontario, Canada

Distant Star - Performed by Jiho Lee

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